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    New Palestine High School, New Palestine Junior High, and New Palestine Intermediate will switch to virtual learning effective Tuesday, Jan. 12 through Monday, Jan. 18. All three schools are scheduled to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

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Virtual Program Expectations and Procedures

Last Updated: 7/27/2020 6:12 PM

The information below contains guidelines, expectations, and procedures for the virtual school program for 2020-21:

General Guidelines

  • School is held daily (180 days per year in accordance with state requirements) and follows both the school calendar and individual schedules set for the student by CSCSHC teachers. 
  • Attendance in a virtual setting will require the student to be visible in a live Google Meet with the teacher at scheduled times.  
  • All attendance procedures and expectations will be followed similarly to in-person instruction, per District Policy 5200 on Attendance as described on page 11 of the district’s Student Handbook.
  • Assessments may be expected to be completed in a live environment.
  • Students will be expected to use Canvas & other various online learning platforms/curricula. 
  • Students are expected to follow the daily and hourly schedule of classes.


  • Every student will be provided with a school-issued device for the sole purpose of completing virtual learning. 
  • The device must be kept in working order and is not an excuse for missing work, class, etc.  If you have technical issues with your school-issued device or specific program on your student’s school-issued device, please call (317) 620-8204 or email  techvirtual@cscshc.org for support.
  • Students must have reliable internet access. Internet capacity must be able to support virtual learning in all aspects including live-streamed instruction, video, and interactive programs.

Student Expectations

  • Students must complete all work independently and according to stated deadlines.  
  • All assignments must be completed at the assigned deadline. Exceptions must be approved by the teacher.
  • Students are to be available during the regularly scheduled hours and days of school or time set forth by the teacher(s) of record.  
  • There will be face-to-face time scheduled with the student’s teacher(s) of record, and the student must be present on the screen. 
  • Students must ask/email questions to the teacher prior to 4:00 pm for an answer the same day. If a student emails the teacher after 4:00 pm they can expect an answer the next school day.
  • General school rules and regulations will be followed in the virtual format.
  • Students must have adequate technology skills needed for successful virtual learning.

Parent Expectations

  • When students have questions or concerns regarding content, they are directed to contact their student’s teacher(s). Please note that email messages sent after 4 p.m. may not be answered until the next school day.  
  • Live instructional sessions are reserved for students only. 
  • A learning environment should be provided for students that is free from distractions, like toys, electronics, and other outside responsibilities. 
  • Although parent facilitation is necessary, the learning experience should be student-driven.
  • On occasion, parents may need to pick up supplies for the student if arranged in advance with the classroom teacher.